Welcome to City Gyrls

Posted by Shantae Mangrum on

I first want to welcome everyone to my store, and I appreciate you stopping by to check out what Citygyrls has to offer.  There will be more items added, weekly, as well as discounts and other promotions that you can take advantage of. 

I wanted to create a blog to ensure the comfort of shopping with us, as well as give you a little background of how citygyrls came about!

Citygyrls, started out as a consignment store.  I had recently lost my job, and was wondering how would I make ends meet.  One day while looking in my closet to find an outfit for an interview, when I noticed that I had LOTS of clothes that I had not warn.  Scanning through, tag after tag, I realized I was shopping, but not wearing anything that I had bought.  Looking back, retail therapy was definitely something I did every chance I could get a day off, If I liked it I bought it, I didn’t care if I was going to wear it, I just bought it. 

That day I asked myself, “What have you been Doing?”.  I had been working, seven straight years, not going anywhere interesting, not saving money, just spending. I had become complacent.  I knew my employer was not going to let me go, after all the hard work, and dedication that I gave them over the years, yeah right… I was the first one the chopping block.  Citygyrls could have been MY investment investing in ME, not anyone else or anyone else’s company.

I began putting clothes on Poshmark, taking all the latest “PINK “Gear to Plato’s Closet.. I was desperate, I didn’t know that I could do it all myself. In a month I had made a total of $1,200 dollars just looking though my closet of items that I had never worn.

This gave me hope!

I began to do research, and utilize my skills that I learned in college about building a business. I chose a name, patent my name, registered and obtained my EIN number, and the rest is history.

Although there is still much to learn and experience about the business, I am grateful that God opened my eyes and led me to becoming a business owner. 

Again, I want to welcome you all to Citygyrls, the best is yet to come!!

One Love,